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Thursday, January 17th

Trail conditions continue to be variable. Meade, Crocker Town, and Sargent are good. Very low PSI is advised— if you’re sinking more than an inch below the groomed surface, please turn around and stop riding.

With a good sized storm coming in this weekend, we could use help snowshoeing on Sunday afternoon. Snowshoe along the singletrack and shovel snow off the bridges. (Full length, all the way down to the wood if possible.) Sprocket really appreciates it! 🐶
Approximately 800’ of the Lower Portion of the Narrow Gauge Pathway will be closed on weekdays from January 22th through February 8th due to a tree harvesting project. This section of trail will remain open on weekends. Specifically, this trail section is located from the Recreational Bridge near the Airport Trail Head north approximately 800’. Signs will be posted in the immediate area and at both the Airport and Campbell Field Trailheads and removed when work is completed. Questions may be directed to the Carrabassett Valley Town Office at 235-2645.

Low Today

2.2° F

Current Temperature

6 F (-14.4 C)

Forecasted High Today

25° F
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Sugarloaf Outdoor Center trail conditions.
201 trail difficulty Easy Grassy Loops Secondary packing Thursday, Jan 10.
201 #2 trail difficulty Easy Grassy Loops #2
201 #3 trail difficulty Easy Grassy Loops #3
202 trail difficulty Easy Goldenrod Secondary packing Thursday, Jan 10.
204 trail difficulty Easy Old Gauge Secondary packing Thursday, Jan 10.
205 trail difficulty Easy Meade Trail Initial packing Wednesday, Jan 9.
206 trail difficulty More Difficult Crocker Town Secondary packing Friday, Jan 11.
207 trail difficulty More Difficult Sargent Trail Secondary packing Friday, Jan 11.
211 trail difficulty More Difficult F.O.R.D. Secondary packing Friday, Jan 11.
212 trail difficulty More Difficult Jerusalem Town Snowshoe packed Friday, Jan 11.
301x trail difficulty More Difficult Newton's Singletrack [Below Crommett's]

  Trail is likely to be firm enough to ride.

  Trail is expected to be too soft, or condition is unknown.

  Trail is closed, do not attempt.

This trail condition page is hosted by CRNEMBA on behalf of the Carrabassett Valley trails Committee (CVTC). The CVTC is a partnership between the Town of Carrabassett Valley, CRNEMBA, Maine Huts & Trails and Sugarloaf created to coordinate and fuel the growth and maintenance of the unique, world class trail system here in the Carrabassett Region. A subcommittee was recently appointed to manage the maintenance and opening and closing of the trails. The following will guide those decisions:

  • Trail closure avoids costly damage when a significant length of trail surface is soft enough to rut with a tire. Efforts to repair damaged trails use resources better spent on new trails, and lead to longer term closures.
  • The CVTC and its subcommittee understand and share the desire to ride and intend to keep the trails open as often as possible! During spring and fall months, following some weather events, and depending on ground saturation, system wide closure may be necessary.
  • Closure decisions will be made by the subcommittee and will be based on input from a network of local riders.
  • Trail closures and openings will be made public via the CRNEMBA website Trail Conditions page and at Trailhead kiosks.
  • This is not yet an exact science. The subcommittee will do its best to adjust the criteria for determining closure as it continues to gain experience.
  • Landowners (e.g. Sugarloaf, Town of Carrabassett Valley) or leaseholders (e.g. MH&T) may exercise their right to a final say on closing or opening of certain trails.

Please direct questions or comments to either Josh Tauses, Sam Punderson or Savannah Steele.

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