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Carrabassett Valley Trails Committee Trail Conditions

Wednesday, April 4th

The Outdoor Center Lodge and Services are now closed for the season (see message from Sugarloaf below) and trail operation is back under Town and CVTC management. The lodge will reopen later this spring, but until then there are no restroom facilities available, so plan accordingly.

This is the tricky season with regard to mountain bike trail conditions. No trails are currently closed but we offer the following guidance and rely on the good judgment of our riding community to help extend the winter riding and protect the underlying trails: For snow covered trails, please avoid riding if you’re sinking in more than an inch; keep that tire pressure low! For trails clear of snow, recall what your Mom used to say before sending you out for the day -stay out of the mud! Please be cautious on any unfrozen trail surface; ruts and other material displacement damage (think wet dirt flinging off your tires into your eyes and onto your backside) take time and energy to repair; time better spent building new trails. Thanks; we need everyone’s help.

Please check this page frequently as trail conditions can change rapidly this time of year.

Greetings from the Sugarloaf Outdoor Center

We have ended our 2017/2018 Nordic Season on a high note with the entire trail network skiable and snowshoe-able, and there is a good amount of snow cover remaining out on the trails at this time. The Nordic Lodge and all associated services have now CLOSED. We appreciate your patronage and look forward to future visits.

To continue to help you all enjoy the spring weather over the next few weeks, we are looking to groom on limited basis up thru Reggae Sunday, April 15th as snow conditions and weather allow. Trail Grooming efforts will be updated as they occur on our Sugarloaf Outdoor Center Facebook Page.

At this time the trails revert to the Town of Carrabassett Valley and are available for all non-motorized uses with no fee and no restrictions, i.e. skiing, snowshoeing, biking, walking, accompanied by dogs, etc. We do ask that all users be courteous to each other, respect trail conditions, that you pick up after your pets, and that you tread lightly and cease trail use when Mud Season fully arrives in the coming weeks.

Carrabassett Region NEMBA

Maine Huts & Trails

For updates about trails in the Maine Huts & Trails network, please visit their trail conditions page.

Sugarloaf Outdoor Center

For updates about trails in the Sugarloaf Outdoor Center network, please visit their trail conditions page.

This trail condition page is hosted by CRNEMBA on behalf of the Carrabassett Valley trails Committee (CVTC). The CVTC is a partnership between the Town of Carrabassett Valley, CRNEMBA, Maine Huts & Trails and Sugarloaf created to coordinate and fuel the growth and maintenance of the unique, world class trail system here in the Carrabassett Region. A subcommittee was recently appointed to manage the maintenance and opening and closing of the trails. The following will guide those decisions:

  • Trail closure avoids costly damage when a significant length of trail surface is soft enough to rut with a tire. Efforts to repair damaged trails use resources better spent on new trails, and lead to longer term closures.
  • The CVTC and its subcommittee understand and share the desire to ride and intend to keep the trails open as often as possible! During spring and fall months, following some weather events, and depending on ground saturation, system wide closure may be necessary.
  • Closure decisions will be made by the subcommittee and will be based on input from a network of local riders.
  • Trail closures and openings will be made public via the CRNEMBA website Trail Conditions page and at Trailhead kiosks.
  • This is not yet an exact science. The subcommittee will do its best to adjust the criteria for determining closure as it continues to gain experience.
  • Landowners (e.g. Sugarloaf, Town of Carrabassett Valley) or leaseholders (e.g. MH&T) may exercise their right to a final say on closing or opening of certain trails.

Please direct questions or comments to either Josh Tauses, Sam Punderson or Savannah Steele.

Carrabassett Valley Trails Conditions

25.6 miles Open
0 miles Caution
0 miles Closed
101 Snail Trail
102 Rt 27 Connector Note bridge is out! (To be replaced this summer.)
103 Moose Bog Loop
104 First Tracks
105 Cinderella
106 Bob’s Backyard Boogie
107 Low Land Trail
108 Highland Trail
109 Redington Connector
110 Jabba The Hut
111 Bob’s Bruiser
112 Upper Warming Hut Trail
113 Snowbrook Trail
114 Moose Tracks
115 Old Race Trail
116 Fifty
117 Highland Connector
118 Redington Pond Trail
119 Pony Express
120 North Redington Trail
121 Bracket Brook Trail
123 Moose Dip
124 Sunny Breeze
126 T.O.A.D.
127 Buckshot
128 Hurricane Trail
129 Hurricane Knoll
130 The Real Deal
131 Twenty Two
200 Narrow Gauge See Maine Huts & Trails conditions report
201 Grassy Loops Groomed March 24
201 #1 Grassy Loops #1 Snowshoe packed March 20
201 #2 Grassy Loops #2 Groomed March 20
201 #3 Grassy Loops #3
202 Goldenrod Groomed March 24
203 Mike’s Mile 59 Snowshoe packed March 18
204 Old Gauge Groomed March 24
205 Meade Trail Groomed March 24
206 Crockertown Groomed March 24
207 Sargent Trail Groomed March 18
208 Camel Humps
209 The Caboose
210 Spike
211 F.O.R.D. Machine packed March 22
212 Jerusalem Town
2?? Snowy Loops Groomed March 24
301 Newton’s Revenge
302 CR NEMBA Trail
303 Bypass Trail
304 Poplar Stream Trail
305 Sticky Trail
307 Crommett’s Overlook
308 Crommett’s Connector
309 (Gauge) Bypass Trail
310 Oak Knoll
401 Esker Trail
402 Dead Moose Cutoff
403 Mountain Trail
404 Birthday Hill
500 Caribou Chute
501 The Climb
502 Carriage Trail
503 West Knoll
504 Widowmaker

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