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Trail Conditions Carrabassett Valley Trails Committee

Last change: Monday, January 25th.

The riding is very good with the exception of a couple trails we’ve been unable to pack. Go get on it!

We hope to have Sprocket back up and running before the end of the month from a drive shaft bearing failure.

A message from the Carrabassett Valley Trails Committee

Winter is upon us. The Sugarloaf Outdoor Center is open for riding (pass required), Maine Huts & Trails is grooming, and the intrepid CRNEMBA volunteers are creating a fantastic single-track winter riding experience. Unfortunately, COVID-19 remains a threat. The Carrabassett Valley Trails Committee needs your help to make sure we can do so safely and keep the trails open. All trail users must abide by State of Maine guidelines concerning travel and outdoor recreation. We ask all riders to ...

Stay Informed

Use these resources before you ride to understand current restrictions and guidelines.

Practice Social Distancing and use Face Coverings

While certain Covid-19 guidelines and restrictions continue to evolve, the benefits of social distancing and the use of face masks in preventing transmission have remained constant. Please do not congregate on the trails or in parking areas and maintain appropriate distancing while riding. In accordance with State of Maine requirement, please wear a face covering (nose and mouth) when riding in busy parts of the network such as the Narrow Gauge and have one at the ready in less congested areas in case you have an unexpected encounter with other trail users. Consider the risk to others as well as yourself when on the trails or in other public spaces. Refer to the resources listed above for more detailed guidelines.

Respect the Trails

Riding CVTrails is made possible through the generosity of the residents of Carrabassett Valley, the State of Maine, Sugarloaf, the Penobscot Indian Nation, and other landowners. Please respect the privilege we have been given and abide by all signage on the trails, at trail heads, and at other parking and public areas.

Thank you from CVTC

We are in this together, and we’ll get through it together.

Town of Carrabassett Valley: Dave Cota (Chairman), Deb Bowker, Josh Tauses
CRNEMBA: Ed Gervais, Dave Hughes
Sugarloaf: Tom Butler, Brenna Herridge
Maine Huts & Trails: Wolfe Tone
The Huts are closed to all uses

The Huts are closed to all entry including for water, restrooms, etc. While caretakers are present, they are trying to keep a safe environment and must sanitize when people try to open the doors, etc.

We always welcome snowshoers on our trails, especially to help pack out after storms. Any specific requests will be added below here. Otherwise... Stick to the original trail as closely as you can. When slabbing (going across a slope, "off camber") stay towards the high side pushing snow on the low side to flatten the trail. Try to push the snow off bridges instead of packing them. We like to maintain a wood surface on the bridges otherwise they "pyramid" with snow and become too narrow to safely pass. We shovel the bridges, full length, all the way down to the wood. If you beat us there, soveling out Sprocket a foot or two around each side plus snow off the top is a welcome sight!

  • None at this time.
Carrabassett Region NEMBA
Find trail maps and fat bike trail use etiquette. Consider becoming a member to support winter grooming efforts.
Maine Huts & Trails
Grooming reports are on their facebook page this year. Consider becoming a member to support their trails.
Sugarloaf Outdoor Center
See the S.O.C. current trail conditions and fat biking info. Note: ticket or pass required and winter biking is only allowed on designated winter biking trails.
201 trail difficulty Easy Grassy Loops
201 #1 trail difficulty Easy Grassy Loops #1
201 #2 trail difficulty Easy Grassy Loops #2
201 #3 trail difficulty Easy Grassy Loops #3
202 trail difficulty Easy Goldenrod
203 trail difficulty Most Difficult Mike’s Mile 59
204 trail difficulty Easy Old Gauge
205 trail difficulty Easy Meade Trail
206 trail difficulty More Difficult Crockertown
207 trail difficulty More Difficult Sargent Trail
208 trail difficulty Most Difficult Camel Humps
209 trail difficulty More Difficult The Caboose
210 trail difficulty More Difficult Spike
211 trail difficulty More Difficult F.O.R.D.
212 trail difficulty More Difficult Jerusalem Town
298 trail difficulty More Difficult Treadwell

  Trail is open.

  Trail is open, but has condition you should be aware of. In winter months this also means we are not confident the trail will be firm enough for winter bikers.

  Trail is closed, do not pass.

This trail condition page is hosted by CRNEMBA on behalf of the Carrabassett Valley trails Committee (CVTC). The CVTC is a partnership between the Town of Carrabassett Valley, CRNEMBA, Maine Huts & Trails and Sugarloaf created to coordinate and fuel the growth and maintenance of the unique, world class trail system here in the Carrabassett Region. A subcommittee was recently appointed to manage the maintenance and opening and closing of the trails. The following will guide those decisions:

  • Trail closure avoids costly damage when a significant length of trail surface is soft enough to rut with a tire. Efforts to repair damaged trails use resources better spent on new trails, and lead to longer term closures.
  • The CVTC and its subcommittee understand and share the desire to ride and intend to keep the trails open as often as possible! During spring and fall months, following some weather events, and depending on ground saturation, system wide closure may be necessary.
  • Closure decisions will be made by the subcommittee and will be based on input from a network of local riders.
  • Trail closures and openings will be made public via the CRNEMBA website Trail Conditions page and at Trailhead kiosks.
  • This is not yet an exact science. The subcommittee will do its best to adjust the criteria for determining closure as it continues to gain experience.
  • Landowners (e.g. Sugarloaf, Town of Carrabassett Valley) or leaseholders (e.g. MH&T) may exercise their right to a final say on closing or opening of certain trails.

Please direct questions or comments to either Josh Tauses or Sam Punderson.