A Message from CRNEMBA President Pete Smith:
Date: November 30, 2016
For Release to the CRNEMBA Facebook Page and website
Re: Trail Closures from CRNEMBA President Peter Smith:

There has been much confusion this season surrounding the mountain bike trail closures in Carrabassett Valley and the role of CRNEMBA in this decision. The following is intended to inform you about what we know and our role and responsibilities.

The responsibility for MTB Trail opening and closing rests with the Town of Carrabassett Valley Trail Committee (CVTC). This committee has representation from the Town, Maine Huts & Trails, Sugarloaf, and CRNEMBA. This committee does not have a website or a Facebook page to communicate with the general public or with MTB riders. CRNEMBA has been the prime vehicle for communication to ridership information re: trail closures.

The oversight and management of the trail system is emerging and is therefore not perfect. CRNEMBA believes the CV Trail Committee is operating with the best intentions for the interests of all stakeholders. While the decision to close the trails may not be popular with everyone, we are confident that improved solutions to trail opening and closing will be found as we all work to communicate our concerns and interests in productive ways.

Among the roles I see for CRNEMBA include for us to provide continuing information and education about mountain biking. This includes information about how weather impacts trails, our process for obtaining landowner permission to build and ride on trails, and the investment (both financial and volunteer) in building and maintaining our incredible trail system.

We welcome all feedback regarding trail issues, including trail closures. The CRNEMBA representatives for the CVTC are: Dave Hughes (dhughes@carrabassettnemba.org) and Ed Gervais (ehgervais3@casconpump.com).  You may also contact Dave Cota, Carrabassett Town Manager (CVTC chair) at towncvtm@roadrunner.com . You are also welcome to contact me directly at psmithconsult@roadrunner.com or 207-237-2188 with any issues or comments.