To complete your visit or help keep non-biking members of your family or group entertained there are a host of activities in Carrabassett Valley and the region:


There are nearly endless options for hiking in the area, from leisurely nature walks to challenging summit hikes. A two hour hike to the summit of Burnt Mountain provides access to views from a treeless summit. For a more challenging hike, consider the Horns or Avery Peak in the Bigelow range. A short walk into West Mountain Falls starts west from the Golf Club access road and meanders along the south branch of the Carrabassett ending at the falls and a deep swimming hole. Maine Huts & Trails has some great options that can include a stop (or stay) at one of their huts –contact them for more details at Sugarloaf Resort also offers guided hikes –contact them for more details at

Chair Lift Ride and Other Resort Activities

Sugarloaf operates the Super Quad chairlift on most summer and fall weekends. It’s an easy way to access the alpine environment on Maine’s second highest peak. The summit is a twenty minute walk from the top of the chairlift and offers views of the highest peaks in Maine and New Hampshire (Katahdin and Washington respectively). Contact the Sugarloaf Outpost Adventure Center for other resort activities such as zip line rides and paddleboard rentals.