Warren Gerow, President

Warren GerowGrowing up in New Brunswick, Canada, I always had a mountain bike; the first one being used to deliver newspapers through all four seasons. Focusing for many years on multi-sport races and trying to be fast on the road, the mountain bike was always the bike to grab when the goal was to have fun. Changing competitive gears, I switched to strictly racing mountain bikes about five years ago. There is no better place to log big training miles than Carrabassett Valley. I am grateful for the opportunity to join the CRNEMBA team to assist in shaping and growing mountain bike culture in the Carrabassett Region.

Ed Gervais, Vice President

Yarmouth, Maine business owner and dedicated weekend resident of Carrabassett Valley, Ed embraced mountain biking as the best solution for chasing away end-of-ski-season blues. In the winter you’re as likely to find him touring the Sugarloaf backcountry as on the lifts. In the summer he’s riding the local bike trails and participating as a volunteer trail builder.

Mark Schwarz, Treasurer

Mark is a Scarborough, Maine resident midweek, where he is a Builder/Cabinetmaker. Once Friday afternoon comes around, he is on the road heading to his home away from home in Carrabassett Valley. Mark first really discovered CV in 2009, when he had an opportunity to use a friends mountain condo for the winter. It did not take long for him to realize what he had been missing out on for so long. Since that time, Mark has rarely missed a weekend in CV and has immersed himself in the CV mountain bike community. Mountain biking has always been an interest of his. He got his first mountain bike in 1985, a Shogun Trail Breaker. Since discovering CV, this interest has developed into a passion and a way of life. In the winter, you will most likely see him on his fatbike in the valley. During the rest of the year, while in the valley, he is either riding the trails or helping out with volunteer trail work. ” I am excited and looking forward to working with CRNEMBA and helping to contribute to an already awesome mountain biking scene here in the valley.”  

Lori Gerencer, Secretary

Lori Gerencer My love of biking began when I was a teenager. I put many miles on my lime green Schwinn 10-speed.  I cherish the outdoors and feel incredibly blessed to spend quality time with my family and friends – biking, skiing, and hiking.   I enjoy meeting new people on the trails and on the slopes. I’m happy to be a CRNEMBA volunteer; the positive vibes from the board members, volunteers and the mountain bike community were evident from day one.

Julie Coleman

I grew up in New Hampshire where my love of the mountains began. I did not discover mountain biking until I was 40 and my passion for the sport continues to grow. I live in Freeport, Maine but spend as much time as possible in Carrabassett Valley. The dedication of the CRNEMBA club has proven to be contagious, I am honored to be a part of it. Come on up and ride our trails where you will find me rippin’ on my Niner!

Mandy Farrar

I have spent my life exploring the woods, mountains, and rivers of Maine. I was an avid road biker for years, until one day I picked up a mountain bike. Even though there was a lot to learn, mountain biking quickly become a passion. I was lucky enough to find an amazing, supportive, and welcoming community through CRNEMBA, and feel so fortunate to be a part of it. I live in Solon, Maine and spend most of my weekends in Carrabassett Valley. 

Indira Gowell

I grew up in the mid coast region of the state and moved to Kingfield full time in the spring of 2014. With skiing, mountain biking, and trail running as my three favorite activities, it was a no brainer to make the move. Plus I couldn’t think of a better place to raise my son, Abel. I work full time as an ER nurse and spend my days off finding adventure in our big backyard. I was so stoked to find the Monday night ladies ride to be welcoming and fun when I first moved to the area and you can find me there most Monday nights in the summer. I’m excited to be a part of the CRNEMBA board and representing the Kingfield region and our growing network of trails. Come ride with us!

David Hughes

David still remembers his first bike with a banana seat, monkey hanger handlebars and cards in the spokes; not exactly a mountain bike but it didn’t keep him from riding it through the woods. David lives in Hampden, ME with his wife Shellie and two children (Audrey and Levi). Most weekends you will find him in Carrabassett, riding bikes, building trails, hiking, skiing, snow shoeing, or enjoying a swimming hole with his family. He still feels like a kid when on his bike and in the woods with his friends.

Spencer Lee

I am from Yarmouth, Maine and grew up exploring the nooks and crannies of this awesome State with my family. After a week long mountain bike camp at Catamount Trails in Vermont when I was 14, I was fully hooked. I moved to Carrabassett Valley year-round in the spring of 2015, attracted by the energy around mountain biking and the opportunity to live in the western mountains of Maine. I was really psyched to find a vibrant, inclusive, and passionate riding community when I moved here, and I am very appreciative of the chance to be a part of it through CRNEMBA. I have a background and profession in trail building, and I am very excited to be working with everyone from CRNEMBA and others to grow and expand the mountain bike trails and community here. I am most always outside, on the trails or the mountain, or exploring all that this area has to offer. And if you’re at Hug’s Italian for your evening, say hi! See you out there!

Cathy Morton

Cathy is from Farmington Maine and has been riding and racing bikes since 1995. She is a business owner in Farmington, supports a local race team, and is currently leading the women’s rides in Carrabassett Valley. In addition to biking she loves to backcountry ski, coach ski racing on weekends, and spend time with her two kids. Since 1995, she has raced on several bike teams including an all women’s team. She developed a passion for teaching women how to ride and enjoys instructing skill and bike maintenance clinics for women. She hopes to move to Carrabassett in the near future as she spends most of her time on the trail system biking and up on the mountain skiing.

Brian Oickle

Growing up in Freeport Maine I always had a strong love for the outdoors and the state of Maine. Being a Registered Maine Guide for the last 15 years, I would find myself getting away every weekend to escape to the woods and mountains to run, hike, fish, ride or ski. Over the years my bike was the thing I always had the most passion for as it provided a way to see a lot of the outdoors and have some real fun doing it. As my wife and I looked for a place to raise our three young children, we wanted a location in Maine that provided year round opportunities that embrace what the mountains of Maine have to offer. Carrabassett Valley fit this perfectly and we moved the whole family here in early 2017. I could not be more thrilled to be a part of CRNEMBA and I look forward to making this one of the premiere mountain bike destinations for riders of all abilities.

Josh Tauses, Trails Manager

I have been riding bikes in the woods of Maine my entire life. I have also been fortunate to visit many of our country’s top riding destinations over the years. This combination has helped develop a vision to create a world class destination trail network in Carrabassett Valley. Connecting with NEMBA, and the others on this page are seeing that vision coming to life. When not building or riding, I enjoy being as close to nature as possible. Weather hiking in deep woods off trail, learning a new bird call, or chasing huge bull moose around our trail network, I am constantly amazed at the natural world around us. I also enjoy music and dancing, cooking and eating, and model cars. Cheers, happy trails.

Kimberly Truskowski

live with intention. walk to the edge. listen hard. practice wellness. play with abandon. laugh. choose with no regret. continue to learn. appreciate your friends. do what you love. live as if this is all there is. ~ g.s.b.

CRNEMBA and the Carrabassett Region mountain bike community thank our past board members:

  • Bob Ash
  • Jon Boehmer
  • Deb Bowker
  • Dana Friend
  • Joe Hines
  • Polly MacMichael
  • Glenn Morrell
  • Sarah Pine
  • Peter Smith
  • Jesse Spicer
  • Matthew Swan
  • Alison Thayer
  • Barry Turcotte
  • Scott Waldron