AN IMPORTANT NOTICE… Mountain bikers and other trail users, please read:

Beginning today (Friday, July 28) and extending approximately through the months of August and September, the town will be contracting timber harvesting operations on the town’s public lot. The harvesting will take place in the area of trails Fifty, T.O.A.D., and Buckshot (#116, #126, and #127.) There will be truck traffic on the main access road leading from Rt. 27 to the Sugarloaf Outdoor Center and extending up beyond the Warming Hut. Signs will be posted on all affected trail crossings. The harvest operation will not interfere with the use of trails; however, users are asked to stop at all trail crossings and beware of vehicle and truck traffic in these areas and on this access road. We do not anticipate harvest operations on weekend days. For more information, you may contact Dave, the Town Manager (Town of Carrabassett Valley) at 235-2645.