CRNEMBA recently held its fall Board of Director’s Meeting during which three new board members were chosen to fill vacant seats and chapter officers were elected for the coming year.  We are pleased to announce that Mark Schwarz, Brian Oickle, and Spencer Lee have joined the Board and brought us back up to full strength at twelve members.  Each of these new folks brings perspective, skills, and passion to the Board and we look forward to the contributions they’ll make to the CRNEMBA cause.  We’ll continue to miss past Board members Joe Hines, Jon Boehmer and Pete Smith of course.  We thank them for all they’ve done, wish them well, and look forward to their continued involvement in CRNEMBA at whatever level their busy schedules allow.  As for Chapter Officers, I have been given the honor of taking the handlebars as President for the next year.  I have a pretty busy life but am committed to doing my best to help see the momentum continue .  We all have the good fortune that Warren Gerow has taken on the role of Vice President; it’s reassuring to have such a solid second chair.  I’ll be leaning on him, the other board members, as well as all of you in the riding community in the coming year.  Thankfully, Dana Friend will stay on as Treasurer.  As the money guy, he has a bit of a behind-the scenes mission but it’s a critical one -we’re lucky to have his skill and dedication.  Lori Gerencer remains as Secretary, Social Media Maven and general CRNEMBA energy pack.  Dave Hughes and Julie Coleman will represent us at the NEMBA level as primary and alternate respectively. 

 I love being on my bike.  Never thought I’d say this: maybe even more than being on skis these days.  But it really is the people who make up the CV riding community that motivate my involvement in CRNEMBA; such an interesting, varied, independent, inclusive group.  As you know we are an all-volunteer organization.  We are certainly not infallible but based on my experience with the Board, trail work days, and other events, everyone is committed to doing their best and contributing what they can.  Aren’t we lucky.  Please do not hesitate to contact me or any other board member with questions or comments.  A list of board members can be found at


 -Ed Gervais