CRNEMBA is excited to announce the release of CVTrails Mountain Bike Trail System Development Plan.  This plan represents a collaborative effort between the four partner organizations that make up the Carrabassett Valley Trails Committee: the Town of Carrabassett Valley, CRNEMBA, Maine Huts & Trails, and Sugarloaf.  There will undoubtedly be adjustments as challenges and opportunities arise but this document will help guide our collective efforts as we plan and prioritize additions and improvements to the trail system.  We’re going to need every bit of help and support we can get so if you’re not already a member of CRNEMBA  or Maine Huts & Trails, consider joining, getting involved, and being a part of the future of CVTrails and the inclusive mountain bike scene evolving here in the Valley.

CVTrails Mountain Bike Trail System Development Plan

~if you ride a bike you’re one of us.